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      "A short story about a war veteran coming back to a changed home and life, a bittersweet story about a man, a woman and a country in chaos and tumult. One emotionally trip by its recollections of memory, a succession of events that lead to a final conclusion, a story about loss and relationship."


Anim'Est 2015 : Best Romanian Movie
VI FICAIJ Venezuela-Colombia 2016
Festival Parachute Light Zero 3rd Edition - Secret Place - Paris 2016
OZARK SHORTS,SEE Film Festival,Salento Finibus Terrae 
International Film Festival of Human Rights "Human District" 
Balkan Film Food Festival 2016
Brasov International Film Festival & Market : Best Short Movie 
Balkan Film Food Festival 2016 
CEE Film Festival 2016
SEE CEE Film Festival Ningbo China 2016 
Salento Finibus Terrae 2016 
International Moving Image Festival 2016

Portsmouth International Film Festival 2016 : Editing in an Animation 

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